Farm Truck Tuesday

7 second 1/8th mile farm truck: good for making even the most mundane Tuesday more exciting.


Anderson Grain Elevators and an Old Farm Truck

Now that we are rocking 4 matching wheels, I finally got a chance to shoot the truck back home this past weekend. The light wasn’t the best either time, but pleased overall with the results.

These were shot by two of the more recognizable landmarks in east Sherman, Texas; the old Anderson Grain elevators which dominate the city’s skyline along with Wilson N. Jones hospital, and what remains of a billboard for the long-gone Chase Chevrolet.

Anderson Grain

Chase Chevrolet billboard

Click over to flickr with this link or the one on the side for the rest of the set.

The shop truck lives..again

Our beloved 1963 C10, which serves as the shop truck for Acme Auto Parts, finally moves under it’s own power again. The new 700-R4 trans shifts hard, and the 406 lights up the 255/55 Kumhos with ease. I threw together a quick video I shot while pulling it back around into the shop after a wash job to commemorate the occasion.

The new exhaust is actually quieter than before until it’s really opened up – low key is the only way to roll.

Lipstick on the Handling Pig

In which we do the vehiclular version of slathering pretty red lipstick on a big fat pig.

QA1 18-step adjustable shocks will be tasked with controlling the yacht-like to and fro motions of the truck, along with helping plant the torque from the 406. Hopefully they will be a vast improvement over the set of Monroes we ripped off of it that were never up to the job.

Just need to source a swaybar and some stiffer coils, then an autocross will be quite tempting – you know, just to see the looks on people’s faces.


C10 ver. 2.0

Last weekend, the upgrade to C10 version 2.0 began. A 92 model 700R4 is first on the list, and should alleviate the shifting issues we’ve had before with the 83 model we went with originally.

Second part of the equation is a 400 block and Vortec heads. The goal is more grunt while keeping the drivability of the near stock 350 that motivates it now. Hopefully the combo will be quick enough to be decent in No-E, and I’ll be able to get in on the bracket racing fun next year. Stay tuned..