Common sense has escaped me yet again, and I find myself registered for my second 5K of the year. This time it’s the North Texas Touchdown Run 5K, which will be starting and finishing on the 50 yard line of the new Mean Green Stadium at UNT – a proposition I simply couldn’t pass up.


Much like last time, when I undertook the Patriot Games 5K mud run, I’ve waited far too long to decide to do this – there’s a little over two weeks to get ready, and with the exception of some trail riding I have done n-o-t-h-i-n-g for the past month.

So – we need motivation! Cue: Beerrun. I recently came across Draft Magazine’s Beerrunner blog, and tonight I have become inspired.


After work I got 2.5 miles put in at a local middle school’s track, with the temp still showing three digits, and I am now enjoying a frosty Sam Adams Summer Ale. Now this, I believe, is training I could get used to.


Good Ol’ Days

What happened to just turning on the tv and playing a game? Every time I turn this silly thing on I have to wait 30 minutes to do anything. Every. Single. Time. And half the time that’s after reconfiguring the network settings that haven’t changed since last time. This is 2011, is this the best you can do, Sony?

I miss the good ol’ days, just plug in the gun and blow some ducks the damn away..even if that smug bastard of a dog did royally piss me off.