My name is Duston.  I’m a small town kid, transplanted to Carrollton, Texas, making my way in life with a mouse, Photoshop, and a camera. Ok, a couple cameras. Anyway, I currently spend my days during the week as marketing communications specialist for Minuteman Power Technologies.

Shutterspeed Photo/Design is the umbrella that covers all of my freelance projects.  That includes, but isn’t necessarily limited to –

  • photography
  • print and web design
  • vehicle graphic design and installation
  • marketing consulting
  • video production

In past lives I’ve..

These days I..
  • do a little of everything marketing related for Minuteman Power Technologies and Acme Auto Parts, including advertising, social media promotions, photography, video editing, and graphic design
  • take photos and design things as it comes in the evenings and weekends
  • get my hands dirty working on a Suzuki GS550 Cafe Racer project and the revitalization of a 63 Chevy C10 in my free time
  • get outside to run or hit the mountain bike trails a few times a week