GS550 Cafe: Update Time

So it’s been a while since I did an update on the cafe bike. Progress has been sporadic lately while we fight with getting air conditioning blowing cold in the shop truck, but it’s progress nonetheless.

First on the list after getting the forks back together with fresh seals and oil was getting them back on the frame. Stuck with the original ball bearings, nice and clean with fresh grease for a silky smooth feel.




Next up is the dive into the unknown: bodywork and paint for the gas tank. We’ve completed two ground up car and truck rebuilds, but bodywork has always been left in the capable hands of others.

The process began with aircraft remover to cut through multiple layers of poorly applied spray paint (including those I put on during the rat bike phase).

Once it was cleaned and metal prepped, the bottom side, which had a bit of rust, got a fat coat of POR-15 brushed on. Cue masking and mounting, and the real fun begins.


Filler applied, ready for sanding


Post sanding, 3 wet coats of DuPont epoxy primer laid down.


Annnnd that’s where we stand now. The tank will get some spot glaze in the pinholes, block/prime/block/repeat, then a few coats of cobalt blue and clear.

Scouted out a few pieces on Dime City’s site last week, including clip-ons and headlight mounts, too. Onward we go..

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