My Ears Are Still Ringing

Today has been marked on my calendar for a while. Each February, North Star hosts the Torques CC Texas Thaw. The original plan was to bring the truck in its new shop truck guise, swap out the slicks and do a little racing. Best laid plans..the truck is rocking mismatched wheels and still has no shop lettering, but I drove it up and had a good time spectating and picture-taking nonetheless.

This is one of the biggest events they have every year at the track, and definitely attracts the widest variety of cars. This includes, but is certainly not limited to, purpose built 5 second drag cars, polished out street rods, patina’d hot rods (don’t call them rat rods) that look like they could be sitting at the wrecking yard next door, several of them housing force-fed LS engines – there’s always something for everyone.

I have around 250 pictures to weed through, but I couldn’t resist cutting up the video from the 4 car Cackle Fest first. The 60D continues to amaze me. I’m still only using the internal mic, and it did a phenomenal job of capturing these brutally loud cars.

So, crank up your speakers (or headphones if you want to respect your neighbors), and enjoy a little nitro:

Pics to come shortly.


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