GS550 Cafe: Back to the Cafe.. Racer

Now that our 63 C10 project has reached a state of (relative) completion, brain power has refocused on the mass of motorcycle parts populating my garage. Let the great reassembly begin!

Got started this past Thursday, when a simple trip downstairs to reorganize some things led to a decent amount of productivity.

GS550 reassembly begins

the reassembly begins

Did a little more scrubbing with brake clean on the engine (I don’t want it too clean, the purpose of this whole project is to have character after all), and with that began the process of re-marrying it with the frame.

Work smarter, not harder

ingenuity..and what separates us from the animals

With the engine blocked up the proper amount, the frame drops right over, thus saving life and limb – and back. When you’re a one-man crew, ingenuity is king.


reunited after nearly a year


successful day

And with that, the great rewiring adventure begins. Simplicity is Priority 1, so much (read: more than half) of this will be going away:

GS550 Wiring

my head hurts already

The fun, as they, is just getting started.

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