Remembering Green Valley

Another cool retro drag racing project has found its way to me. This time it’s recreating a sticker that was handed out at Green Valley Raceway near North Richland Hills, Texas, while it was open from the 1960’s through 1986. These new stickers were created from a high resolution scan of an original, so all the tiny details and imperfections of the screen print are still visible.

The track was opened in 1960, and hosted AHRA and NHRA sanctioned drag racing, SCCA road racing, and even a motorcycle jump by daredevil Evel Knievel in 1974. On a personal note, it was also where my Dad first caught the drag racing bug. In a way, I feel I owe my passion for cars and racing to it, even though its gates closed for the last time before I could walk.

In 1986, the same year the ultra-modern Texas Motorplex opened in Ennis, the track shut down as the towns and homes that surrounded it grew ever closer. Eventually, everything was torn down to make way for a subdivision. Dearborn Flashback, the NHRA Division 4 Hall of Fame, and many other sites have posted images and videos from the glory days of the track.

If you’ve got a few hours to kill, a quick search will retrieve countless forum posts and videos of the action from when every ‘Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!’, Green Valley was the place to race in Texas.

One thought on “Remembering Green Valley

  1. I spent many an weekend at green Valley an vevry labor at Green Valley with my Uncle R.D.Dodson. If you where around probably knew of him. He ran a gas expertmental rail dragster,i usually drove the push car once got old enough. Those where some great times

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