Good fortune?

So, it turns loose a piece of this rocker arm at startup in the shop last weekend. I would say it hates us, but doing it in the shop instead of down the road-or at the track-might actually mean we’re on it’s good side again.

In ither news, change of plans #3,263 is officially official, a turbo 350 is on the table and bracket racing will soon commence. We discovered at Sanger a few weeks back that the TKO is in need of some TLC before it makes another trip to the track. Guess Tremec means it when they say don’t shift it above 7,000 rpm..over and over again..for a year.

Oh well, still thinking Texas Mile in October, but who knows what might happen between now and then. Should have some automatic timeslips soon, and we’ll see how much the driver (ahem, was that me?) was slowing it down.

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